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Fuso Truck Buyers

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Fuso Truck Wreckers Melbourne

Before you sell your old or damaged Fuso truck, as a smart consumer it is your right to know why choose a certain Fuso truck wrecker in your area. There are several old and scrap Fuso truck wreckers out in the Melbourne market which promises great service and offering top cash for your old Fuso truck.

Here at Fuso Truck Wreckers Melbourne, we provide top cash and quick, efficient service for your Fuso truck wrecking needs. We have been catering the Melbourne area and its suburbs for more than 10 years and our invaluable service ad loyal customers are the main reason why we are still thriving in this business. We can pay as much as $13,999 for your unwanted, damaged, wrecked, old or used Fuso truck. Just call us and we are at your disposal immediately!

Fuso truck wreckers Melbourne

Why Fuso Truck Wreckers

Here at Fuso Truck Wreckers Melbourne, we ensure that we provide and offer fast, reliable and efficient removal and truck wrecking service. You can sell your Fuso truck to us regardless of its year, model and mechanical issues. Just call us and we will pay you cash for old Fuso truck! We don’t only pay cash for old trucks but we also give cash for scrap Fuso trucks! There is no need to leave your scrap, unwanted, written off or damaged Fuso truck in your driveway, there is no need for you to keep worrying how to get rid of your unwanted vehicle. We will take it off your hands – and we will pay cash for it!

Sell Fuso Truck for Cash


If you have decided to sell your unwanted Fuso truck, there is only one name to call – Fuso Truck Wreckers Melbourne.

These are just some of the few reasons why you should choose us:

  • High payout for your old and unused Fuso truck of up to $13,999
  • Free truck wrecking service
  • Free truck removal service
  • Free paperwork
  • We accept and buy any Fuso truck models (any means regardless of its condition, year and model)
  • Our removal process is fast, efficient and safe
  • Environmental friendly
  • We will pick up your old Fuso truck at your own time and convenience

So if you are looking to sell your Fuso truck just give us a call at 0431 403 630 or fill out our online form to get a no obligation quote – sometimes we would need to come down to your location and conduct actual inspection and we will give you the final price for your Fuso truck. Once you have agreed, we will get rid of your unwanted or damaged Fuso truck from your hands and pay you cash for your truck.

Fuso truck removals

Fuso Trucks Models We Buy

We are Fuso truck buyers in Melbourne region. We can buy any Fuso at any reasonable price. Some of the Fuso truck models that you can sell to us are the following:

Fuso Truck Dismantlers

Fuso Truck DismantlersVehicle wrecking process comes into 3 parts: the initial stage which is called dismantling – this is the part when truck wreckers separate all parts of your truck and remove the reusable spare parts such as engine, filters, wheels, tyres, radiator, battery and such. Any unwanted fluids are drained out in the safest and environmental friendly way. The second part and the most important process is the truck disposal. Since we are a licensed and authorised Fuso truck wrecker and dismantler in Melbourne, the entire process is done under expert supervision with no other alternatives to that. What must be done should be done the exact and specific way. Now the last part is metal recycling, Fuso trucks and all other vehicles are made up of 25% to 30% recycled steel and metal. Recycling plays a big part in taking care of the environment.

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